Unfortunately despite our efforts, malicious users or competitors have been flooding both our support system and our checkout for months creating thousands of fake orders and support requests with hundreds of attachments.

This has caused two problems, the first is that we are unable to effectively respond to support requests and some of our legitimate users are left without support.

The other problem is that by sending so much spam information, our hosting usage limits are compromised causing the site to be suspended, which forces us to constantly optimize our databases and eliminate the hundreds of false support requests.

For this reason we will stop using the support system that has been used so far, in order to mitigate the attacks that happen every day.

In the course of a few days we will be implementing a new support system that will be able to filter users with legitimate support requests from those that are not.

For the moment we appreciate all your understanding and support as we are always looking to keep the lowest possible prices for our members and we have been doing so since our beginning by implementing measures to help make this possible.

A new support system will be implemented and we hope to give a better service to those few users who really need support.

During the support system reset we suggest you review the following section based on the most frequently asked questions we receive and where you are likely to find a solution.

  • First check product description to install any product. There may be explanation about how to activate it. Most of the case filling any username or purchase code will work. (These instructions, if any, are only visible to users with membership. They will not be visible to users who purchased the item individually.)
  • Please UNINSTALL DOWNLOAD MANAGER SOFTWARE (If you are already using one) (Free Download Manager, Internet Download Manager e.g) or any Browser Download Manager Extension, otherwise our fair use policy will be triggered so fast because of multi connection.
  • Most of themes are coming as packages. You need to extract them first. We suggest to use winrar to doit. Now, you should see the real theme.zip file maybe with the child-theme.zip or maybe with some plugins
  • If you are getting no style.css error found on a theme. Please proceed according to the previous step by unzipping and finding the installable file.
  • If you are getting not valid plugin error found on a plugin, please proceed according to the previous step by unzipping and finding the installable file.
  • This is perhaps very logical, but it is also something very recurrent. If you are installing a plugin do it in the Plugins section, if you are installing a theme do it in the Appearance section.
  • Some Free – Premium Themes installation requires (Astra, Neve, Kadence, Generatepress …):
  1. Install the theme by using WordPress Theme Manager on the Appearence section.
  2. Install the Pro plugin by using Plugin Manager on the Plugins section.
  • Most of Themes require “increasing PHP limits, memory_limit , max_execution_time, max_input_time, post_max_size, upload_max_filesize. Please search on google for documentation of that theme.
  • Some theme installation can cause long max_execution_time values that may cause heavy load on your hosting/server.
  • If you are getting some PHP errors with theme, plugins, scripts we suggest:
  1. Check your PHP environment, especially PHP version. Still there is a lot of plugins/themes that doesn’t support PHP 8.0
  2. Check your PHP version because some items require a minimum PHP version.
  3. Try to install that plugin/theme in clean WordPress for testing. Because some plugins may have conflict.
  4. Try to install different hosting or local hosting (or vice versa)
  • Elementor Template Kits require a special procedure and may require pro versions of elementor or other plugins. Check the requirements of each template and be sure to visit the template import guide at this link: https://gplplugins.club/import-elementor-templates/

All of the above points are inherent to the environment and known conflicts of plugins and themes regardless of whether they are downloaded from our club or directly from the developer.

At the moment we do not store older versions of items. Developers are constantly limiting the direct benefits of GPL licenses and it is possible that when updating a plugin or theme, it may stop working 100%, in this case we suggest that once you download a fully functional version of an item, store the downloaded installable file on your computer. This way you can revert to a previous version while the problem with the newer version is being solved.