PDF Receipts makes it easy for your donors to print their tax-deductible receipts by making PDF downloadable copies of them easily available. Donors can get a link to their receipt provided to them in the confirmation email, there is also a link in the donation confirmation screen, and a link in their Donation History page.
Easily Create Customized PDF Donation Receipts
PDF Receipts is very simple to configure. With the Add-on you can visually build your PDF receipts to suit your brand and organization?s needs without any coding knowledge at all.
The image animation above demonstrates the ability to customize PDF based on the provided pre-configured templates. Notice how you can add images, custom text, HTML and styles, and template tags which output relevant information such as the donor?s name, donation amount, and donation date, payment method, etc.
Highly Configurable?and Flexible PDF Creation
With this Add-on you are given the ability to choose between pre-configured templates or to build your own. There are 12?attractive and clean?set?PDF templates available complete with fields for your organization?s contact info, header text, footer text, and additional notes, and a field to upload your custom logo to be added to the PDF receipt.
Looking for more customization??The ?Custom PDF Builder? option (shown above) allows you to use a visual editor to add your own greetings, template tags, images, and HTML to create the perfect PDF receipt for your use case.
Seamless Donor Access to PDF Receipts
Many organizations and causes want to provide their donors with easy access to download PDF receipts on their website and via email. Out of the box, the PDF Receipts Add-on?automagically adds links on the ?Donation Confirmation? and ?Donation History? pages without having to configure anything.

Give: PDF Receipts 3.1.1


Version: 3.1.1
Updated: Sep 26, 2023
Developer: Give Plugins


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