Important news for members!


May 20, 2020

New business model

From June 1st our business scheme for resellers will be changing, this involves current resellers in monthly and lifetime plans.

Reseller with a lifetime plan, please contact us before this date to provide you with the appropriate information.

Due to the low prices of our downloads we have made the decision to withdraw the reseller packages that are currently in effect.

For both, resellers on a monthly plan and resellers on a lifetime plan who are active, we have decided to change the business model by seeking a fair and equitable agreement.

For resellers on a monthly plan, at the end of their current period it will no longer be possible to reactivate another month.

For the members with lifetime plans we offer a huge apology since we have detected some resellers performing an unfair competition by giving for free to the users of their site the items downloaded from this site, which puts us at a huge disadvantage and does not correspond to the purpose intended by this plan, all lifetime reseller plans will be paused at June 01 2020, waiting for this members to contact us to get information about new business opportunities.

However, for both monthly and lifetime resellers, we ask you to contact us through our support page to explain in detail what the new business model is for those members who want to continue reselling items downloaded from our site.

May 16, 2020

These changes take effect on June 01 2020

We suggest all our members read the changes made to our Terms of Use, these changes will take effect from June 01 2020

Go to Terms of Use

As part of our commitment and effort to bring our members the tools that allow the success of their websites without going bankrupt, we have decided to implement changes in the periodicity of access plans in order to remain competitive.

At the same time we make it known to the members of the Extended VIP Pass that we will carry out a review of the behavior of these accounts, remembering that this pass is for end users and a behavior that clearly indicates that the user is making downloads that do not correspond to the purpose of the pass is not allowed.

Users who are incurring in this prohibited behavior will be notified by email inviting them to cease and desist, otherwise your account will be suspended for 15 days and if on reactivating your account you continue with this behavior will be canceled without any refund right.

Please remember that it is against our terms of use to use downloads from the site for publication on any other site. Accounts found to be performing this activity will be cancelled.

As of today we have detected 7 accounts that were in violation of our terms of use and have cancelled them. We will continue to take this action in order to continue offering competitive prices to our members.